east garfield

by wctm gold!

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the tracks on this album were recorded during my time spent living on the corner of e. garfield and john r. in detroit, around 2003-2005. it was my first time living away from home among many other things. not all of my output from this period is contained on this document but these are the tunes that stick together the best.

at the time i was making recordings under various names; dog faced boy, makeshift music, national axe, etcetera, and giving these cd's to friends. i was also playing drums (primarily) with numerous bands, having let my guitar band, makeshift fiasco, disolve some years earlier. i've since taken up the guitar in my current outfit, wctm gold, featuring scott's stone and sanford.

for the most part, drums were recorded at my parents' house (or various basements) with a tascam 424 mkIII. overdubs were done in my room on acid pro (in retrospect, yuck!). i recently cleaned up what original tracks i could with nuendo and experience. although i wrote and played pretty much everything on here, there are some exceptions in the bonus material should you buy the "album". i hope you find this collection enjoyable...or at least listenable.



released March 1, 2005



all rights reserved


wctm gold! Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: other man
the birds are calling
and cats are balling
cars carry drivers to work.
a mundane morning
the sun is rising
it's time to put on a shirt.

i pour my coffee and drink it slowly
i think about her with another man
i was the other man.
but it's too early for me to worry
and there's not much to understand;
i was the other man.

bus breaks wheezing
the breeze is breezing
drive past the whores along Chene.
the sun is shining
as i'm driving
and i can't help but feel the same.


who is this other man?
i was the other man.
Track Name: autumn
my eyes are dry as the leaves under foot
i can never take back what you took
you left with the warmth of the summer sun
just to spend the winter with another,
it makes me wonder why i even bother when...

autumn leaves as she pleases,
so say the guys who she teases,
like autumn leaves on the breezes,
autumn leaves, she leaves.

you made me sweat like a bottle of beer
we seemed to start off going in full gear
but a fall wind must have swept you away
it's over now and i'm ok.
don't make me call you, beg you, plead you to stay, cause...


watch her go.

january, february, march, april and may
were only lonely nights after lonely days.
i should've known the climate would change
just because that's the season's way.
Track Name: you'll see
you're gonna rue the day you passed me by
and you'll keep looking all over for the perfect guy
well i say you ain't gonna find him
not in any book store, bar or gym
you could've had him forever
if you'd only leave your number

you'll see what i mean.

looks like your future's gonna be a lonely place
cause it's been so long since you've seen my face
well, i got chicks all over town
but all of them combined can't contend for your crown
you're the queen of my heart and soul
this feeling i'm revealing will never grow old.

but you'd see what i mean
if you'd been listening
just shut your mouth and open up your heart.
don't you be so cruel
you know i'd be good to you
so don't you shut me down before we start.

don't be afraid of what you think i am
believe it or not i can be a gentleman
let your friends say what they will
but they won't know the truth until
they see how happy we are
but maybe we should meet before i promise you stars

Track Name: knock me out
don't you know i ain't got the time
for a fantasy romance
i don't know what's on your mind
maybe i'll give you a chance

but if you think i'm hanging around
while you pick bad apples offa the ground
then why am i here?
i'm outta here, yeah i'm gone.

i think about you all the time
the way your hair falls in your face
i can't get you off my mind
though why would i want to anyway?

what can i say? you look alright.
what can i do? wanna stay here tonight?
what do you want? wouldja wouldja wouldja wouldja?
you know what i need when i need it.

blow me blow me outta the water
rock me rock me down to my shoes
wake me wake me outta this coma
then knock me knock me out, knock me knock me out!
Track Name: fall apart
he's just an addict is all her friends say
don't you waste your time on him.
she knows it's a drain but she can't keep away
she thinks she's all that's keeping him sane.

and she prays so hard for him
while he snorts his coke and drinks his gin
in spite of her he seems to live for sin
but she can't stand to lose him.

he's just a time bomb is all her friends say
and when he goes off you'll be hurts worst
although she knows that day will come, and hard
then she'll resign to the fact some folks are made to fall apart.


and she prays so hard for him
while he shoots his smack and drowns in gin
in spite of her he seems to live for sin
and she can't stand to lose him.
Track Name: yours was the name
i wish you could stay
but i know you can't
i wish you would say
just what i want
but you've made up your mind
and made off with my heart

you wish you could stay
but you've gotta run
you wish i would say
stay friends we'll have fun
but i made up my mind and i gave you my heart.

there's no one else
i want more than you
you know it yourself
but still say we're through
you made up your mind and made off with my heart.

you said i'm the best
that you'd ever had
now you're gone like the rest
which makes me so mad
that i made up my mind and gave you my heart

yours was the name on every breath i took
as i felt my heart break
but what difference does that make?
yours was the name on every breath i spent
wondering where this love went
yours was the name, yeah, yours was the name

i'll learn to live again (i can't live like this anymore)
and i'll learn to love again (i can't love you like before)
Track Name: piano
i take a seat at the keyboard
and i don't know what to do
that's 'cause it's been forever
since i last sat here with you

sure we've both moved on
but here i still feel a pang
everything sounds out of tune
and chords don't ring the same anymore

what else could it be?
i'm just rusty says the pragmatist inside
i know otherwise
and this piano song don't lie.

once i was all flash and speed
'til you taught me how to feel
but your lessons went deeper and deeper
into something we couldn't conceal anymore


now it just sits in the corner
disused and collecting dust
sometimes i'll play it's keys in passing
like scanning memories of us

but if i stay there too long
then i'm playing a song
and can't help but think of you.
how you led me astray
and then turned me away
oh, what could i do?
Track Name: drives me mad
you know i've been gone a long time
(yeah it's good to be back)
familiar faces warm greetings
(yeah it's good to be back)
i see you've changed a few things
(yeah it's good to be back)
do i speak too soon when i say...
(yeah it's good to be back)

i never expected you to wait up
but you didn't have to break up what we had
and that's what drives me mad.

let me go out on a limb
and say you'd rather stay with him
then you'll have it made or so he said.
well soon your tune will change.

i'd better go now, so long
(it was good to be back)
time to move on like you have
(it was good to be back)